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Nathalie Ristord is a certified therapist that used the help of hypnosis to change the lives of very many people for the better. More than 500 people, from all over the world, went through the skilled hands of Nathalie, visiting her private office or enjoying therapy sessions through Skype.

Yes, Nathalie can help you even from a distance, because it is not mandatory to sit next to her in order to access the deep state of focus needed for hypnosis. But this therapist will go even further than this, offering personalized self-hypnosis audios for home use or for the ones who wish to enjoy therapy in the comfort and privacy of their home. These audios will be made after a conversation with the patient so that Nathalie will know how to create the audio in accordance with the goals the patient wishes to achieve. Also, the audio will be fully personalized, as the therapist will use the patient’s name for an authentic and professional approach.

Do not allow fears, anxiety, pain, various discomforts, the lack of confidence, traumas, and other negative experiences to mark your life forever. Nathalie Ristord has a broad experience dealing with all sorts of issues, being familiar with both the European and North American approaches in this domain. She can work as well in French as she can in English, so it doesn’t matter which one of these languages you speak. If you are ready to change your life in a positive manner, contact Nathalie and let her know what you need. 





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A blend of relaxation, visualization and inner-work to help you ease general discomfort
  • Discover one way of letting go of unwanted blocks
  • A blend of relaxation, visualization and light hypnosis
  • A great introduction to self-hypnosis
  • If you are familiar with hypnosis, this audio will help you train your subconscious mind to let go of general discomfort
  • More you listen to it, more you train and support your mind in its natural process of reorganizing thoughts, feelings and release tension


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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT),  Hypnergy (Therapeutic Hypnosis and Energy Work) and other modalities are used during the your sessions.  I follow your pace and your mind's guidance to use the appropriate modality.  Years of practice allowed me to connect quickly with my clients and give them the appropriate care.

Sessions can be held in my office or on Skype.  In both cases, the work is completely safe and fully efficacious.


Personalized Self-Hypnosis Audios

Personalized Self-Hypnosis anytime... anywhere

Customized Audio recording just for you

New and Truly Transformational

A personalized session at home... as many times as you want until you feel better!

I have always been promoting hypnosis as a natural tool to clear unwanted behaviours, habits and beliefs such as smoking session, weight management, anxiety relief, phobia and fear elimination, life path re-discovery and so on...

I know it works as it did work for me over 10 years ago.  Usually 3-6 hypnosis sessions for one issue can set you free from what is stopping you from being totally YOU.

Now,  There might be a lot of reasons why you may not think of Therapeutic Hypnosis first to help you resolve your issue.  It could be the fear of being close to your inner world, the fear of loosing control, financial issues as hypnotherapy is not always reimbursed by private insurance companies (depending on where you live in the world) and the fact that you can't always come to Nanaimo to meet me in person or you havent found a professional hypnotist in your area.