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At a challenging time in one's life, hypnosis can clarify a young adult's path

Adolescence and the years following it can be very challenging. You are building your character, focusing on a possible career and building social bonds. But still you can be stuck between your own desires, your family (or society) wishes and any childhood experience you may have been facing.

Mark (16) and Lindsay (22) came to me for different reasons but they were facing a similar challenge : shedding the old vision of who they were (and what seemed to be expected of them) and welcoming their own future.

Mark always felt different. A bit chubby as a child, he faced a lot of rejection and insults about his appearance. At home, he felt he was never good enough in comparison to his siblings. As he grew up, he stepped away from social school life and attempted suicide. At 15, he decided to loose weight. But, in his mind that was too late, he could not see himself in a realistic way. When he came to my office, he was crushed and hopeless. He strongly desired to socialize and truly be himself but could not. The flow in him was blocked.

After the first session, he could release the old vision he used to have of himself as well as the negative comments he would hear around him. That old speech inside his mind was replaced by his real positive inner-voice. The sound of his own intuition finally led him to embrace his artistic aptitudes.

At the second session, he was free. He was all smiles and his face was radiant. He went to parties and felt totally comfortable. Also, he went back to his first love: music and writing. That day, we worked on the distorted vision he had of his body and... that was it for Mark! Two sessions and a happy life ahead of him.

Lindsay loved working with kids. She was working for a daycare when she first came to visit me. Exhaustion is what she was feeling as well as a sense of confusion concerning her future. Her family situation led her to take care of her younger siblings. She feels useful when she is needed... that's the habit she took as a child.

During her first session Lindsay released unexpressed emotions about her family and boss. She let go of that misconceived thought that she had to always be available to anyone. She also mentioned under hypnosis that she would love to quit her job (something she consciously believed to be impossible - she never let her inner-voice to be heard). A week went by and at the second session, she was already feeling lighter and more confident. She had given her resignation to her boss and was looking for a new job in a new field.

I always mention to my clients that between sessions, their unconscious might open up a little more and communicate intuitive information. Well, it is exactly what happened to Lindsay. She had daydream visions of her teenage dream profession : the beauty world. But she was not sure of what it really meant. Her second hypnosis session brought her the confirmation of what she had sensed a few days before. She spontaneously saw herself in her beauty salon, dealing with satisfied customers. She felt herself happy and fulfilled like never before. It was clear what she had to do : go back to school and study in her dream career. Together we visualized a strategy to get her there. Lindsay left my office with new hopes and a huge feeling of satisfaction.

As you can see, Hypnotism is unlocking the true vision you should have of yourself to feel happy and complete, by releasing inadequate thinking inherited from family, society and past experiences. It simply helps you to find your true path among this multitude of stimulating information that is misleading you and cutting you from your essence.

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