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A True Story

When Allan* came to see me a few months ago, he was in a constant state of anger. Mad at his boss, impatient with his kids, aggressive with strangers and hard on himself. Physiological, he was always tense, stressed and had digestive issues.  

He knew he could not live this way any longer but he was so sure he had to defend himself constantly against "the outside world".  As long as he remembered, he was always acting this way but it got worse after his dad passed away.

Now!  I took the time to explain to him that anger is not a negative emotion.  Actually, as any other emotion, it is being expressed to reveal something about you, an element that hasn't been faced yet.  And until you face it, the intensity will rise.

Anger is actually a way for the self to state that something is unfair, that the respect is not always felt.  Allan listened to me but could not quite figure out what was or had been unfair.

After the first two hypnosis sessions, he finally realized that he never really followed his own desires.  He became what was expected of him as a child living with 3 younger siblings. His dad was often absent for professional reasons and he asked Allan to take on his role many times. 

In hypnosis, Allan sensed how he felt as a child : the situation was UNFAIR.  He wanted to play, be with his friends and be part of a music band.  Not to be at home helping his mom taking care of the family.

So he always stayed around, never travelled very far and finally got a job in his hometown. Simply to be there when he was needed.

Knowing that his inner child had not been heard, Allan realized that this anger was simply the young asking to be respected.  But after those sessions, as an adult, Allan understood he did not have to hold on to this behavior.  He was free and could decide what was good for him, on his own.  He could as well take care of his family and listen to his wish to have time for himself.

Your unconscious always has the key to the locked door separating you from what you believe you have to be versus what you really want to be.  Once the door is open, you can let the unexpressed caged feelings fly away and unveil the underlying true nature of yours.

*The client's name and some elements have been modified to respect the client's confidentiality

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