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Since the beginning of 2013, many people already changed positively their lives by letting hypnosis reconnect them to who they are. I am talking here about clients who came to me with different issues and found their path, once more. 

Some examples? Ok! Let's talk about that student who was totally paralyzed by the thought of giving a presentation in front of a classroom. A fear that would also make him feel uncomfortable with his friends. He would prefer to stay at home alone instead of feeling this constant anxiety inside him. Within 2 sessions, that same person transformed his fear into a vivid desire to share about the topic he loved so much. On the day of his presentation, he felt at ease and even received compliments about his work. He became himself again. 

Another example? That artist who had lost contact with her creativity. She would become easily irritable with her husband, kids and relatives. She felt depressive and did not even feel like doing anything. She was very emotional. Once again, 2 sessions were enough for her to visualize her creative world and start painting again. Once reconnected to her source, this artist could interact with others and accept them in their differences because she had accepted her own unique personality.


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