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STOP SMOKING FOR GOOD - Solve the underlying issue behind the habit

What is your perception of Hypnotism? 

A quick therapy that can help you get rid of undesired addictions and habits? Yes! it's possible.

Something magical, easily attained with one session and without much effort? The hypnotist will "re-program"your unconscious? Well... That's where I need to intervene and set things straight.

The natural state of hypnosis allows us (the patient and the hypnotist) to connect to your unconscious, this part of your mind where memories, habits, behaviours are stored. Together, we find the inappropriate frame of mind you wish to modify and we replace it by a new reality. Sometimes, the procedure is quick and... sometimes the initial issue is just covering a deeper discomfort.

Do you want to get to the core of the problem? Do you want to solve the issue for good and live your life freely? 

Well, that's exactly the answer Alisha gave me a few weeks ago when she decided to stop smoking for good.

She came to me stating she had been smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for the past 16 years . She first started smoking at school in attempt to be part of her friends' group and look like everybody. Her dad was smoking as well. She didn't think there was anything wrong with that habit until she found out she had problems breathing while training at the gym. Suddenly, the reality woke her up : smoking does not smell good, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, it jeopardizes your health and it's expensive. But still, she could not quit. She probably thought that her smoking habit wasn't linked to anything else more serious.

Finally, she calls me. " I am ready now. I don't need that habit anymore. I know it's polluting my life. I want to quit... How long can it take?", she told me.

I replied : "Do you want the permanent result method or the quick and easy one?" She answered she wanted an easy and permanent result. 

I knew then I had to get into details.
"We can use a quick hypnosis method where we "re-program" your mind to hate the taste and the smell of cigarette. At first, you will feel nauseous every time you come near a cigarette. It's fast, easy and you're done after one or two sessions... But I don't offer such service.

Well, it's that I don't want you to develop another habit (hating cigarette and feel uncomfortable around smoking people) or start another addiction (food, drinking, workaholic, over training a the gym...). The idea is to find out why you needed to keep on smoking all these years..."

Alisha then told me it made her feel relaxed, more social and ultimately herself. Smoking was a part of who she was.

So why couldn't she be herself without smoking?
This is what we discovered over the sessions. I have a 3 session program where you not only eradicate the smoking habit but you also learn to feel good naturally.

First hypnosis session: she learns to feel herself everywhere all the time by releasing the desire to please everyone around her. This old behaviour created anxiety and smoking was relaxing her. 
Results: She does not need to smoke anymore in public nor at work. She is relaxed and shares what she thinks calmly and honestly.

Second session (one week later): She gets rid of the thought she had to please her dad constantly and be what she thought he expected from her. She does not have to be like him. She does not need to smoke... like he did. She can be herself. 
Results: She feels re-energized and hopeful. The same day, she became a non-smoker.

Oh! Yes. It's true. I told you it was a 3 session program. Well, who ever told you success can't happen anytime in your life?

The lesson to learn from this experience? 
Take a bit more time and go to the root of the issue. Solve it all... for good. Know this therapy can be applied to any kind of problem.

Call me, email me! And find out how hypnotism can help you

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