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Your Mind and Body as Barometers : they are talking to you!

You do feel a discomfort. Maybe a physical pain such as a backache or a migraine? Or maybe a mental one such as a constant anxiety or a disproportionate fear?

Your doctors tell you that physiologically everything is ok or nothing else can be done at the moment. So, what do you do now?  Where to look?

And if the answer was within?

Let me introduce you to a way to learn more about what may have caused those undesired feelings and behaviours.

Our unconscious mind is our friend.  Most of the time, it knows what is good for us, how to achieve a pleasant life, and how to follow our intuition leading us on the right path.

Through sensations, intuitive feelings and desires our mind is trying to guide us where we should be going.  But it does not always match our rational life plan.  We may want financial and family security? So, we ignore those messages thinking they will disappear. 

That's where we are wrong.  They are coming back in another form.  Each time a bit more intense to make sure we really look at our own needs. It could be anxiety, fear, physical pain, constant migraines and so on...

If we don't read the message, the discomfort compels us to use other ways to alleviate the pain : drinking, smoking, over exercising or any form of obsessive activity and behaviour.  But after a while, you realize that those distractions are momentary. The effect wears off.

So, until you locate the origin of the feeling (unknown or not faced), the unpleasant sensations will knock at your door to let you know that you are not fully listening to yourself.

Now, there are many ways to find the source of a painful feeling or sensation. Hypnosis, as it connects you to the "message centre", is one way to look at your inner world. But also a simple daily attention to how you react to people and situations might direct you to the core of the undesired feelings.


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