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Why do we hold on to what is uncomfortable?

Because of misconceptions about who we are and what we need.

How do we feel there is a need to change?

Well, you

- start to be impatient with yourself and others,
- avoid a subject,
- you are constantly late,
- get sick often,
- procrastinate a lot,
- refuse to pay attention,
- eat, drink or smoke more 
- find excuses (they don't understand, I don't want to bother them, nobody else does that, only weird people go to therapists...)
- hang on to beliefs (it's not right, not fair, we never did that in my family, it's too much work, too expensive, it's not for me...)
- give your power to others (it's their fault, I won't be allowed to do this, they have to change first, I can't get off work, it's against my values, my philosophy...)
- have a limited perception about yourself (too old, too young, too fat, too rational...)
- deny there is a need to change even though you don't feel well
- feel fear (not ready, and if I become different will I be rejected, don't want to express my feelings, don't want to loose my freedom, can't trust anybody...)

If one or more of the above apply to you, you are probably resisting to a change in your life (external or internal).

Life is impermanent. Nature, weather, feelings, tastes evolve. Remember that feelings are not WHO you are but simply a signal of what needs to be faced. Looking straight into the discomfort and its roots is surely the way to get rid of it.

Look at your reality now! What worked for you a few years ago or when you were a child might not fit the transition taking place within you.

You might NOT need to go out with the same kind of people or keep the same job, dress the same way, read the same books, eat the same food, use the same words to describe your life and yourself.

You are in constant evolution. If you hold on to what you knew about you, you will definitely block the life process which is to move on, learn, adapt and become your true self.

At a young age you built your personality through your perception of the world based on what you heard and saw around you... and you wanted to fit in the group, be part of it. Now, did you ask yourself if this learning still applies to you? Reviewing your values and beliefs and update them might be necessary... and it won't modify the core of your personality. You will still remain the same person but with a broader vision of life and how to react to events and people. It's simply more tools in your box.

How do you start listening to the message? 

If you are unsure of how to proceed or if you seem to have trouble identifying the block, I suggest you look for some guidance.

For example, Transformational Therapy and Therapeutic Hypnosis can help you locate the origin of the block and help you see clearly when it started and why it was so hard to let it go. I can also show you how to look clearly at your life now and identify your new needs in order to feel happy and serene.

Your mind already knows which path you should be taking to feel connected. It has probably been sending you some messages to help you see the reality. With hypnosis, your conscious is stepping back to allow the unconscious to reveal all the elements that will help you move ahead.

Learn to accept the changes around you but also within you. Let them emerge and trust the fact they are here to bring you forward in life.

Good luck!

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