Transformational Therapist | Hypnotist | Instructor


My trainings in Hypnosis, Healing Touch and RTT allowed me to blend some of the technics of each modalities in one method called Hypnergy.

Energy work is subtly incorporated into the sessions using your own energy flow as well as the Universal one.  You get into a gentle trance with hypnosis and you are led to feel your own energy level and balance it when needed.  I guide you in this process of clearing and rebalancing emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy levels.

My clients feel most of the time a gentle warmth, an energy centers (chakras) rebalancing and a deep sense of lightness and relaxation.  Muscles and thoughts are lighter, relaxed and the process keeps you in a state of wellness and reconnection.

Most of my sessions do include Hypnergy but sometimes the mind goes directly into that receptivity state where Hypnergy is engaged.