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Yes! Hypnosis can provoke quick and deep results.

You may come for one issue and you then realize the inner work you started as reached positively other aspects of your life.

Diana contacted me to find out if hypnosis could help her son dealing with Autism. Deep social anxiety, impatience, self-inflicted abuse were common for Diana's son. Knowing hypnosis works differently depending on the client's own ability to welcome change, this experience was undeniably a successful one.

"We are parents of a young man who has high functioning Autism, Tourette’s, and extreme anxiety, among other disorders that control his and our lives on a daily basis.  We are continually trying different avenues that will help him cope with his issues and also help him to lead a happy and productive life.  With maturity our son has become more aware of his own issues and he has the desire to live as normal a life as possible without so much anxiety.  He [was] unable to control his anxiety and behaviors strictly by medication and refocusing techniques as well as doctors and psychiatry appointments.

It was our son’s insistence that we try another avenue and after weighing our options, we decided to contact a hypnotherapist, Nathalie Ristord.  After one appointment we noticed an improvement in our son’s anxiety and self control.  Now that he has had two appointments, we are all very happy with the results, he is progressing much quicker that we thought.  There are positive changes in his ability to work through issues and control his anxiety which leads to his behaviours.   Nathalie taught our son tools to help him calm himself in stressful situations.  Prior to hypnotherapy our son’s anxiety would have resulted in extreme behaviour such as self abuse and complete meltdowns for long periods of time. 

We are happy with the hypnotherapy treatment our son had with Nathalie, she took the time to try to understand and work with our son... We as parents couldn’t be more pleased by the immediate results that have helped our son with everyday living which has helped him to be a happier and more productive young adult.   

Thank you Nathalie"    *Diana, Vancouver Island


Lana is a talented multi-disciplinary artist. After putting her career behind to take care of her family, her body and her mind were sending her a clear message.

"I went to Nathalie to deal with a problem I had with weight. I found that I had been steadily gaining weight and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t stop.
Nathalie is a very intuitive person and was able to hone into the core of my personality pretty quickly. I had a total of three sessions with her and I noticed that my levels of happiness and emotional strength have increased and I find myself tapering off my tendency to stimulate or comfort myself with food… without feeling deprived. That latter bit is what seems to be making the difference. While still do indulge, I’m surprised at the lack of tension when I eat as well as the lack of that driving need to have just that bit more. My body feels better and my clothes fit better after just three weeks.

Lana, Nanaimo*

Yes! You can feel better. Now!

"For anyone seeking positive change this is an amazing form of therapy. I was not a believer until I tried it myself and Nathalie Ristord CH has opened doors for me I never thought possible. If you struggle with inner demons or are in need of a deeper change this is a game changer. I have never felt convention therapy helpful but this raw experience helped me in ways I never new possible. If you crave a new you this is an amazing tool to help yourself."

Thank you *Rochelle for sharing your experience with Hypnosis.

"I came to see Nathalie for different issues.  The first one was about abdominal pains, then for a twisted ankle and finally for a lack of motivation in life.  Those sessions were held within 1 1/2 year, and every time I left Nathalie's office, I felt released, peaceful and connected to my personal strengths.   For my abdominal pains, I let go of a lot of mental stress and worries during the sessions.  For the twisted ankle, I could visualize my foot heal and walking with ease, and it happened in reality.  It was a truly great experience and a great discovery.

Thank you Nathalie for your support and warm presence. "   

Josy, Montreal


Did you ever feel like you are at a turning point in your life where you wonder if you really took the right path? Was it the right job? The right family choices? The right partner? Finally, do you ever wonder if you haven’t lost that little connection with yourself and your real desires?

Most of us will answer yes to these questions as we went through a similar moment in our lives. And if you don’t listen to the warning signs telling you that you may be happier if you were connected to your heart then other symptoms may appear : anxiety, depression, burn out… Leaving you with the illusion these feelings are imposed to you while the solution is within. 

It’s then time to allow your unconscious to release tensions, undesired behaviours and feelings.

This is the path Alice decided to take. After leading an exiting life she found herself suffering from breathing problems and could not sleep very well anymore. Every time she wanted to express herself she felt her throat was tight and her chest heavy.

Here are her comments after two sessions of Hypnotism:

"I am doing so very well thank you and I have you to thank. I am using the tools (given during the hypnosis sessions) when needed, but what I find so fascinating is becoming aware of when I need them and I just go ahead and use them.

My life has improved so much because of your help and I am so grateful for the service you provide. I'm also pleased with myself in that I had been doing a lot of reading and becoming aware of my own personal responsibility when it comes to how well my life is lived.

But I needed help to take it to the next level and that's where you come in. What you do is so amazing and so very helpful I wish more people would be open to it… I am enjoying life so much more these days and love the colours I want to wear! I have been sick for over ten years so I have a lot of catching up to do!

Thank you so much Nathalie for giving me a new lease on life."

* Alice, Nanaimo 

Renee had a great experience with hypnosis and she wishes to share it with a lot of people who lost track of their real life causing sometimes not only mental discomfort but physical symptoms as well.

"Therapeutic Hypnosis is one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever given to myself!

Initially I wanted to heal my compulsion to burp hundreds of times per day. After the first session I was 60% better and overjoyed.

To my surprise after the first and second session I also experienced the following...

Increased creativity and unique ideas, more loving dreams at night, overall peace and joy in the moment, understanding and forgiveness towards my past, living to eat not eating to live, experiencing the world as a safe and wondrous place, knowing I have a voice and feeling confident to take my place in the world.

In addition I spoke to my Doctor about slowly going off of my anti-depressants and he agreed.

I am also grateful that with love and kindness I was able to end an almost 8 year romantic relationship. I now know I am worthy to be in a loving and healthy union.

Thank-you dear Nathalie for helping and guiding me to see my true radiant self . I now experience my life as a precious gift which I honour and celebrate." 

* Renee, Artist in Victoria B.C

"I was given the opportunity to have a hypnosis session for the first time and I was quite excited to try it out and hopeful that it would help me with some issues I had been having.  Once I arrived for my session I was warmly greeted and was given a brief synopsis of what hypnosis is and what I could expect from the session both during and after.  I was very comfortable and felt at ease with Nathalie as my guide.                     

As we began I was concerned that it may not work and what I would have to do if it did not, but these concerns were quickly diminished as Nathalie guided me along my path.  The first thing I felt was as if my body was falling into a deep sleep, I was completely relaxed and at peace.  As I explored my inner self, Nathalie was there to guide me and lend a helping hand if needed.  I delved into aspects of my past that I thought I had long forgotten but were obviously still having an effect on my life, releasing these gave me a feeling of lightness and a better understanding of myself.                                        

Coming out of hypnosis was like waking up from a deep restful sleep, awaking relaxed and refreshed.  Nathalie was there for me from beginning to end helping eliminate things in my life that were not needed, giving me the tools to continue my growth, checking in on me to see how I was doing, and having a follow-up session.  I feel much more confident in myself now and I am free from habits I had developed unnecessarily.  When I again found myself in a stressful moment in life I used the tools Nathalie gave me and used self hypnosis to help me through it.                                                                  

I cannot express the gratitude I have for Nathalie and the help, guidance, and understanding she has given me, I will forever be grateful."  

                                                                                                                                                                                  * Annie, Qualicum Beach

Marie came to see me because she had been suffering from depression for decades. All it took was 2 hypnosis sessions. Congratulations!

Her words: "Nathalie changed my life with her kindness and hypnosis session. You feel very safe and very relaxed when you are under hypnosis.

Before I met Nathalie I was suffering with depression. Every morning I woke up to a dark cloud that stayed with me all day. After my first session the dark cloud went away and life is starting to look better.

After my second session my life changed, the depression was gone. I am at peace with myself and I love life again. I haven't been this happy before it's amazing. I am very happy I met Nathalie she gave me my life back. Thank You."

The story is not over. Marie wanted to solve another issue about weight management. One session was enough to make her control her eating habits. So amazing! Remember hypnotism is a fast therapy. You deserve to feel better .

Marie's comments:  " I am doing really good, I haven't had any sugar since I've seen you and the craving is almost gone, when the crave comes I just use the tools you gave me and it goes away. I am eating a lot better I have 3 meals a day instead of eating cereal all day long. So far today I have not had a crave for sugar at all. I am finding this very easy to do and the Self Hypnosis really helps and I love doing it and I feel great calm and peaceful and totally satisfied. I am so happy I found you Thank You so much. "

* M. Christl, Nanaimo

"Before I arrived at Nathalie's office, I was in a dismal emotional state that was hurtful to both myself as well as others. I felt trapped and frustrated by my own crippling emotions, from things that happened both past that I couldn't let go of. I had no idea what to expect, when I knocked on her door for help.

During our sessions, Nathalie helped me find the real truth in my situations, she helped me get beyond being angry and hurt, to being understanding and a lot more positive. She gave me the tools to work through tough situations, and I have been using them ever since. Even from leaving our first session I began to feel better and more positive, seeing things in a clearer light and with more hope.

It only took 2 sessions for me to dig deep into myself and find the root of my issues! Since seeing Nathalie my relationships are better, and I feel much more positive about both myself and life!  

My experience was truly amazing, I feel like a new person, and if you are skeptical about the process (as I was), I hope this helps you to move beyond it and contact Nathalie!"

* Carolyn, Nanaimo

I always suffered from sinus problems that could stop me from working due to strong headaches.  During my first session with Nathalie, my sinuses got unblocked and I could breathe more easily.  She also gave me tools to control the pain.  I then came back to "control" the mental cause behind these frequent headaches.  I may not express myself clearly, but once I had thrown away all the negative thoughts and misconceptions about myself, the pain vanished.  It only took 3 visits.

I strongly recommend her services.  Thanks again!

Patrick, Roxboro

Prior to hiking a trail this summer, I came to Nathalie to help me with my distressing fear of bears.  I felt extremely anxious and overwhelmed as we approach the departure of the hike,

All it took is one visit.  The guided experience felt safe and serene.  When I consider the weight of the fear on my shoulders back then, now I feel like a feather.  I was gently reconnected with my sense of wonder and deep affection with the natural world... It was like coming home.

*Helen, Nanaimo



  • *Those testimonials have been posted with the clients' consent.  In some cases, names and details may have been modified to preserve people's privacy. Please note results may vary from person to person.